Children take time to adjust to new surroundings and to build relationships with others both adults and children.
Here are some strategies that we have found successful over our many years of teaching.

Always say goodbye when you leave

  • Make sure a staff member knows you are about to leave.
  • If you are having difficulty separating from your child you may need to pass the child physically over to a staff member.
  • We have a range of strategies to cope with a child who has difficulty separating – we may walk with you to the gate to farewell you there, or we may produce our ‘treasure box’! You can rely on us to do the best for your child.
  • Please do not sneak away as this creates more anxiety and less trust.
  • Please feel free to ring us when you get home to reassure yourself that your child is settled.
  • We will not let your child remain upset for too long before contacting you. Please ensure we have up to date contact numbers.
  • Please don’t judge other parents whose child may cry when Mum/Dad leaves.

Come back when you say you will

  • If you say you will be back soon, then come back soon. This reassures the child that they are being told the truth and builds trust.
  • Please don’t go and then come back for a quick check.
  • When your child first starts it is a good idea to return before the end mat time and to participate with your child in it so the child learns that routine with you. Some new children find it upsetting when the other children are released to their parents/caregivers and you haven’t turned up yet!
  • We have noticed that some children become upset when their parent/caregiver returns. This is a normal reaction – remember you are the safest person they can share their feelings with.
  • Please discuss with the supervisor any issues you have around separating from your child. We have dealt with this both personally as mums and professionally for years

Remember you are always welcome to stay at the centre. In fact we think it is a good idea to spend a substantial amount of the first session with your child so that you can get to know the routines, staff and children too!

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