1. “Stay focused on what you’re doing.”

2. “What is your next move?”

3. “Do you feel safe there?”

4. “Take your time.”

5. “Does that branch feel strong and stable?”

6. “I’m here if you need me.”

7. “Please find a safe spot for your stick while you’re running.”

8. “I’ve noticed that this is a really busy area and I’m worried that someone not playing this game might get knocked over. Watch out for other people and give them lots of space.” Or, “Lets move to this lower-traffic zone.”

9. “I’ve noticed that there are a lot of fallen trees and sticks to trip on here. Watch out!” Or, “Should we move this game to a more open area?”

10. “Sticks need space. Mike, please back up from Sarah. She’s holding a big stick!”

11. “Sticks need space. Look around you – do you have enough space to swing that big stick?”

12. “Please keep one end of your stick on the ground!”

13. “What’s your plan with that big stick?”

14. “Rocks need space!”

15. “Find more space!”

16. “Before you throw that rock, what do you need to look for?”

17. “Please move slowly and carefully near the __.”

18. “Please give each other lots of space so that no one feels like they need to push, and no one gets knocked over by accident.”

19. “Do you feel stable/balanced?”

20. “Do you need more space?”

21. “Make eye contact before you tackle someone. Make sure they know you are coming so that they can get their body ready.”

22. “Check in with each other. Make sure everyone is still having a good time.”

23. “Ask her if she’s ok.”

24. “Ask him if he’s still having fun.”

25. “Did you like that? Make sure you tell her if you didn’t like that.”

26. “If you need to run, meet me at the next rail marker!”

27. “Let’s check this cave/fort to make sure it’s safe to hide in.”

Via the Child and Natural Alliance of Canada

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