Why choose St Andrews Epsom Early Childhood Centre?

Children and their parents and caregivers appreciate the secure, fun and caring learning environment provided by St Andrews Epsom.

Our Auckland kindergarten is inclusive and family orientated.

We respect children as capable and competent learners.

Our childcare centre loves drama, dance, the visual arts and music and the way they develop children’s love of learning.

We welcome families from diverse cultures. One of our teachers is Taiwanese and speaks Mandarin.

Our Auckland kindergarten offers flexible options for session times.

We have a great team of skilled and experienced kindergarten teachers.

Children are well supported as they transition from childcare to school.

Our kindergarten, located on the cusp of Mt Eden and Epsom, is safe and because it is set well back from the road and away from traffic fumes it is particularly suited for children with asthma.


Thank you so much for all the fantastic things you do for our children – expanding their minds, encouraging their creativity and focusing on fun!

Havana’s mum and dad