Our approach

Teaching Team

We strongly believe in having qualified, registered and enthusiastic team members who are committed to early childhood education.


Group Size

Our daycare centre is licensed for 27 children aged 2 to 5. We believe your child will learn better in a small group, and research supports this.

Partnership with Families

We welcome families from all cultural backgrounds and value the unique strengths that each child brings to our centre. We also welcome your input and will work with you and your whānau to support your child’s development.

Visual Arts

Comprehensive programme

We believe that children learn best through play. We respond to their ideas, and explore topics they are interested in, as well as offering activities and experiences that will extend them. Through drama, dance, the visual arts and music, we encourage children to express and develop their own creativity.

Dynamic environment

We recognise that the environment can make all the difference to a child’s learning. We work hard to provide a space that is stimulating as well as safe, healthy and attractive.


We acknowledge that every child in New Zealand has the right to experience the dual cultural heritage of the partners to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Excellent care

Our centre provides good quality education and care for children. Parents value the flexible options available and the caring friendliness of our  team.

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So appreciate all the time, effort and enthusiasm you have put into teaching my kiddies. They have adored their time at St AndrewsEpsom. Thank you for always being so welcoming and accommodating, We love St AndrewsEpsom.

Steph Pollock