Our Transition to School Programme

Discovery Groups

St AndrewsEpsom ECC has an exciting transition to school programme in the form of Discovery Groups.

These are small groups of four year olds who venture out of the centre on weekly discovery missions.

Often the groups go to nearby Watling Reserve, Maungakiekie or the Pah Homestead Gallery, but they also go on bus trips, the plant shop and other places of interest. The children will go on their Discovery trip whatever the weather unless they don’t want to.

school transition
school transition

Each group is facilitated by the same staff member each week and each child has a Discovery Group book in which they record their experiences or discoveries with photos, drawings or by attaching items of interest. We believe this is a great way to encourage literacy in a meaningful context, which is the best way to gain a love for literacy.

A transition folder connecting your child’s learning stories to the Key Competencies of the Primary School curriculum is prepared for your children to take on his/her school visits.

Your child will also create a photographic journal of favourite things around Kindy as a reminder of their time here.

Discovery Group Camp

Early each year we have an over night camp for 4 year olds. So be prepared for a night’s camping at Ambury Park!

school transition
school transition

Readiness For School

In the four months prior to your child leaving for school we will have a chat with you to ensure your child is ready for school.

Indicators: Can s/he
Look after his or her own belongings?
Dress themselves?
Recognise and write their own name?
Hold a pencil correctly?
Go to the toilet on his/her own?
Sit appropriately at mat time?
Ask for help?
Use lunch box and drink bottle without help?

Tips For A Smooth Transition To School

  • Enrol your child at your local school 6 – 12 months before turning 5. If you are out of zone for your chosen school, check when the ballot is so that you don’t miss out!
  • Visit www.ero.govt.nz for ERO reports on your school.
  • Introduce items to be used at school, such as school bag, lunch box and drink bottle as familiarity encourages independence.
  • Starting school is a memorable and stressful occasion for both child and parent – make sure you don’t transfer your anxieties about school onto your child or build it up. Be realistic about the expectation of school being fun as it’s a lot of hard work too!
  • All teachers agree that one of the most important things that your child needs before starting school is a broad range of experiences that your child will use as a basis of learning to read and write.
  • Attending longer sessions on some or all days prepares your child for the longer school day.
school transition

Kindy Visits To School

The teacher responsible for the Discovery Group also facilitates the Kindy transition to school process when the time comes. This may include a visit to school with a friend however this visit does not replace the parent/school visit but is in addition to those visits.

Talk To Us

If you have any questions about transition to school process we’re more than happy to talk with you.

All our four year olds love being part of this programme and we know that your child will be too.